Current mood: Oh crappy daaaaaaaay!*


Cr*p, f*ck, sh*te, @!§....aughhhhhhhhhhh! Boiling point.

Some days are just not made to go well. They start off bad, when you realize that your client's mailserver seems to bounce all mails right back at ya, meaning you have to spend ONE whole HOUR trying to figure out what is the actual problem, before discovering that your provider is banned.
Then you're late for everything else: breakfast, lunch date, picking up child. So then your whole work schedule (the sad six hours left a day) is disrupted and slowly but surely it dawns on you that you will never be able to do all your work decently.
The outcome: mostly happy customers, except for one rabid, pissed off customer for whom you forgot to translate the file, and a "disappointed" customer for whom you had to draft a diary note.
So then you end up being in a pissy mood, waive dinner, spend most of the evening redrafting the bloody file, and then it disappears. Because in Windows Vista, files DISAPPEAR!
After ONE whole HOUR (I'm beginning to spot a pattern here), you realize that you inadvertently saved it in the temp file of the original zip file, which you eventually find.
It's midnight. I still have a file to translate and a craving for some hot cocoa.

Can tomorrow be a better day please?

*to the tune of that gospel song "Oh Happy Day"
Photo of the great Geysir in Haukadalur, Iceland.

4 messages:

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Tomorrow will be better, I'm sure. Have a virtual brownie to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds painful! I hope today was better.

Lula de Montes said...

@suburban mum: thanks for the brownie tip!

@sieg: nope, more of the same. We've decided to regroup ourselves, sorta like a trade union of self-employed people, who work for the same clients.

Fresco said...

“Windows Vista crashed.
I am The Blue Screen of Death
No one hears your screams.”

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