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In our ever continuing saga of parenting pitfalls, we will be having our parent-teacher meeting on Wednesday at noon (postponed due to illness of teacher). It was when she mentioned the scorecard that my heart froze like endless fields in a Finnish winter.
I tried to look unphased, but when she mentioned the munchkin's flagging concentration and her failure to answer questions during show and tell that I got a sense of a déjà-vu.

I was known at school myself as the 'human photocopier'. I had but to look at a page to memorise it by heart. During a session with a school counselor, designed to test our summarizing capacities, the woman practically fell off her chair when she saw my notes (or lack thereof) but realised that I had managed to render the text almost word for word. And yet, my university years were all about trials and tribulations as I tried to focus on what was being said.

My nephew spent the first few years of his life suffering in the educational system. He is now on ADHD meds, has calmed down and is now top of his class. My sister suffered dismal marks at school, although she is widely acknowledged to be more than intelligent.

Our neighbour and I were looking at our kids yesterday in the park, when she randomly said: interesting how V. never stays on one thing for a while, but always bolts on while my S. can go up and down the slide twelve times in a row.
Our munchkin listens to a song once and can memorise it and sing it in tune, word for word, regardless of the language.

Outcome: I don't know. Has the horrifying gene transferred another generation, is she just a playful, healthy toddler of 3 or is something else going on? Why has she got such a complete lack of focus? Getting her to sit down for a meal for longer than 15 minutes is like a Sisyphean task. She eats healthily, has at least one portion of fruit and veg a day and sugary stuff is off the list.

I have ordered some DHA/EPA fish oil capsules for her (probably just another crock), but at this point I'm willing to give anything a try. In the meantime, I'm clutching my hair and pearls in anticipation of Wednesday's balanced scorecard (or so I hope).

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Piglet said...

good luck!

When we were tested by the horrid PMS in the third year of kindergarten I freaked and had a blackout (I remember the guy had hairy fingers and that freaked me out). They told my parents I'd have to redo the year, I was obviously not smart enough. My parents and the school didn't listen and I was first of my class in the first year of primary school.

I hope she's just another energetic three-year-old who thinks other stuff is far more important than the teacher's show and tell.

Vikki said...

My son is 6 and we are having some similar concerns which came to light because he is writing FIVE research papers at school at the same time.

I say this just to say...I know the feelings that come up around this. What I've come to in this process is that the kids will all be fine somehow, it's more questionable for us parents! :)

Lula de Montes said...

@piglet: I was told no university... and I did go.

@vikki: they never tell you that your hair will go grey in the first ten years of your first child's life. Welcome aboard btw. I am trying to remain calm.

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