Power to the sheople


I've been kinda ignoring the story of the Oxnard shooting of a gay teen in recent days, because it just hurts too much to think about the ignorance and hate of a certain population segment. He was "freaking the guys out"... Awwwwww. And just taking a gun and shooting another kid doesn't freak people out?

Response on blogs and forums has been divided too: some speak of donating towards the Matthew Shephard Foundation, bible thumpers say that God simply does not love gays (I'm glad that they have a hotline to God?), haters say it's the kid's just desserts.

I'm not a militant or an activist gay. I simply go about my life quietly without being in anyone's face. But it makes me angry to think that this is the state of the world: people can preach hate in the name of God. Hate crimes are being silently condoned. Zealots and bigots seem to be taking over politics.

I really can't say that I understand religion. Have a belief system already if you must, but don't use it to implement your erroneous convictions. But hey, all power to the sheople...

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Piglet said...

I heard about it too. It's just disgusting.

feromoon said...

Darrraling Lula, where' s your post episode 7 blog?

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