Ce plat pays qui est le mien.. .


I suppose I should have posted something weeks ago about the fact that Belgium is falling apart at the seams again. In fact, the government has yet again fallen in our little banana republic (visions of the Italian government, which seemed to get knocked down and then get up again, because you're never gonna keep me down... )

Yes, the lyrics of this song are quite appropriate when you look at the situation. So what's the status? PM resigned. King told him, no way, josé and hasta la vista, Yves. Then HM appointed three old crocodiles/former statesmen as 'negotiators'. And conveniently, he forgot to appoint a Flemish negotiator, thereby sending the message to a few million people that their opinion is completely irrelevant in this matter. But that's OK, we'll just continue to pay our taxes, so the other half can live comfortably off benefit.

Where will it all end, you ask? Well, since my name is not Madame Esmeralda, I have no clue. If you told me that in a year from now, Belgium will have been disbanded, and consist of two individual, or even three mini republics, I might be inclined to believe you. But then, it was an artificial construction to begin with. Let's toss a bit of France, a bit of The Netherlands and some post-war Germany into a big ole salad dresser, shaken not stirred, and see what comes out of this whole roly-poley? Oh, and while we're at it, let's get some prince without a cause or a throne and invest him as the king of this comedy. Ah, men in charge.

So taking bets now: will we have a government by the time I come back from holiday (20/08) or will we be declaring the Flemish Republic this time next year?

I shudder at the mere thought of inflicting that upon the world.

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deboo said...

Wow. It sounds like you need a program and a cast list to keep up with the politics in Belgium. What I know about Belgium would fill about 2% of a thimble, I am ashamed to say. Wasn't there once a land known as Flanders? Or, am I making things up as I go along...? Must do wikipedia...

Piglet said...

I read somewhere that Belgium was not as "tossed together" and "artificial" as we've always been led to believe; I think it was on Huug's blog.
And there are those who say it's good that the crocodiles are not Flemish because now it's up to "the other side" to whip up ideas, actually do some work and show their true colours.

Lula de Montes said...

@piglet: given my background, I'm more of a European, although I do not endorse the European Union (as I think it's an elaborate way to drain finances from the Member States to do zip nothing. And trust me, I have seen the misuse of funds up close in my last career).
I just get irritated by the fact that neither side seems to be able to come up with anything at all.

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