must-have: Barbie is ferosh!



Look at her! I kid you not. This is the newest Barbie doll from Mattel.

She's traded in her pinkness for a 'come hither' black outfit. Of course, you knew Christian groups would be up in arms, screaming "S&M Barbie". I think they need to invent an Amish Barbie especially for them. And of course, this begs the question: what have they in store for Ken? Mesh shirt? Chaps? Just being naughty.

The question for those of you who owned a Barbie is: would you buy this long-legged Emma Peel lookalike or would you have preferred a Wonder Woman outfit? And for those who never did: would you? So many questions, please leave me your answers.

2 messages:

piglet said...

Wonder Woman!!

Bun said...

Biker barbie! Yikes!

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