Testing the cam


It's always nice when one has a willing subject to test on.

I'd been wondering if it was worth getting a point and shoot, since I'm living with a Canon babe, whose equipment usually arouses the envy of guests at any dinner party. So today, I finally caved in and bought one. Firstly, because I see things every day that I want to take pics of, and secondly, because I am sick and tired of relying on my SO for pics. About time to get her into the picture, I think.

So we splurged on a Panasonic Lumix FS5 in hot pink, which SO recommended because of its Leica lens. It fits into my handpalm and is quite light. Expect more and better photos as I gain control over this miracle of gadgetry. Now all I need is some decent photo software.

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FeroMoon said...

What a wonderful new asset for the digital world. About the software: if your sweetheart has got a big canon dilda, I mean, she must be a real life photographer, focussing into your ehum... heart. What's this, I mean, if you need software I have a tip for you. Look at the FF.
Must be the summer season making me sweet and low....

Lindy said...

Looking forward to the pics! In reply to your question on SM blog. Last week it was HAWT! I mean peel paint off cars hot! This weeks has been much better but then it's been raining since Tuesday night- still hot though! I hope this helps! I would have emailed you but hell I was too lazy to look up your email- feel free to delete this if you want.

Fresco said...

Erm... I'm suddenly listening to 'Shake your groove thing'? I may well do so!

I really like mussles, but unfortunately I'm allergic to it. I really wish I could eat them; the thought of a steaming pot makes me drool.

I'm not allergic to Cuba Libres though... :-)

Have fun with your new toy. Lula looks like a very lazy pussy.

Bun said...


You can't go wrong with most P&S on the market these days I don't think. Keep taking and posting lots of photos!

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