Hark, the nightingale...


Every year, four blondes and a brunette meet up and hit the local open-air theatre for a concert. Last year, we boldly took ourselves to Rickie Lee Jones and yearned for the voice of yesteryear. With that experience still rather fresh in our minds, we decided that we needed some quality this year.

And so, under less than promising skies and after some cuba libres, we sat down to enjoy the voice that is kd lang.

What can I say? The woman can most definitely sing.

Some of the songs of her set:

Miss Chatelaine
Constant Craving
Close your eyes
Wash me clean
Smoke rings

We enjoyed every second, were fortunate to be right up there in front of the stage (her own special request, said we and she'd feel warmer) and the downpour only started after midnight and after several glasses of cava, jokes and laughter.

A good night was had by all.

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deboo said...

Oh, I am so jealous. AND, that is my most fave song that she does. I have heard her live renditions before, and I think that when she sings live the emotions and tone is so much stronger than her studio recordings. It's for that reason I only really like to see or hear her live.

You and your friends are very lucky!

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