Cheer me up


In an effort to cheer myself up:

- the munchkin's going in for surgery tomorrow morning
- my other cat, Princess Longpaw aka Kali, who lived at my mother's, had to be put to sleep due to kidney disease this morning. The sores in her mouth due to kidney reflux were horrific, and she could no longer eat.
- I have a pesky client on my back.

Here is something, in the vein of all the bad, tasteless, camp music that I have been listening to since last Friday:

I'll be a happier person tomorrow evening.

3 messages:

luscious said...

sorry to hear all that, lula.
keep your head up, though.

Fresco said...

I'd "Cheer you up in the pin up club", but that's again a sign of very best taste...

Hope today went well - if not, treat yourself to a glass of prosseco or -why not- the whole bottle?

Lula de Montes said...

Thanks, Luscious and Fresco, we's hanging in there. I was under after just one glass of rosé. Too darn tired.

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