Current mood: blah


I'd love to insert something witty and fun here tonight, but frankly I'm over everything today.
I'm over the screeching strident Turkish kids trawling our street on the way to the neighbourhood square; over my daughter's moodiness, after which she packed herself off to bed for the night; over the whole Christopher Ciccone and Madonna thing; so over the Brangelina babies; over the idiot Belgian politicians who can't get their crap together (resign already and call a new general election); over the fact that my holiday is still three weeks away and that we still have relatives coming to stay before that, and the list continues.

So I will just shut up now and return when my mood is somewhat more balanced and harmonious.

Goodnight and godspeed!

As ever,
the disgruntled domestic demi-goddess

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Bun said...

Oh you need a drink! Am fighting the urge myself.

Lula de Montes said...

I just had it. My first of the evening. And only because I had a good meal earlier. Listening to SO discussing the Belgian government with her colleague. Tiring.

deboo said...

You've inspired me! I am going to start posting some of our good meals and some recipes. Starting tonight with grilled salmon. Simple, but quite satisfying.

Now see what you've started? ;-)

Fresco said...

Oh dear...

As Dawn French in 'Murder Most Horrid' once said: "Looking forward to Christmas, dear?"

Bun said...

Tonight I am drinking big time. Consumed with bitterness which doesn't help.

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