This is what mankind has become


I've spent two days looking incredulously at a photo in the newspaper of two Roma girls, 11 and 13, on a beach near Napoli, Italy.

Their bodies are covered with a towel, their feet protruding. They were peddling their wares on the beach, when the sea must have caught up with them. Incredibly enough, the holidaymakers did not budge to help them as the waves swallowed them. Even more incredibly, the same holidaymakers sat on the same beach for a whole hour, slapping sunscreen on their thighs, eating lunch, proceeding as if nothing had happened, while these two bodies lay there, and until the police and an undertaker arrived to pick up the human remains of these two maidens.

This is what the world has come to?

I'd like to think that I'm living on another planet today, please.

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