Mussels are here!


Yup, it's that time of the year. Since last Friday, Zeeuwse mosselen are here. So today four generations of Domestic Demi-Goddesses took themselves to Sint-Anneke (across the river) for a pot of Dutch mussels and French Fries. A very typical Belgian meal, right?

Delicious! Just what the doctor ordered after last night's capers (on which more in the next post).

It's really easy to make (and usually we do make this at home, but the first pot of mussels is always eaten in a restaurant in our family, go figure). Clean the mussels, remove the beards, toss out the closed ones. Heat some wine and onion and other assorted herbs depending on the tastes of your guests in a huge pot, let simmer and then add an equivalent amount of water. Bung in the mussels. Cook on high until all the mussels are open. Try to lay your hands on some French fries (in our house, this involves a timed bike ride over to the chips shop to coincide with the open mussels on the table). Mix some mustard and mayonaise for the dip. Serve, eat, and make sure you puzzle around as much as you can with the mussel shells to ensure they all fit in the cover of your pot. Seconds are a scandal; you will fail the 'anal retentive family member' test.

And behold, a pot of mussels. Comes highly recommended. Enjoy!

3 messages:

Bun said...

Aghhhhhh! That is making me hungry!

deboo said...

You know, I don't think I have ever had mussels - except as an ingredient in Cioppino. Your description sounds lovely!

Lula de Montes said...

I should have added that the pot in the photo is a serving for one. That's right: 3 pounds of mussels approx. per person.
@deboo: the cioppino sounds delicious! Why has nobody ever told me about this?

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