Everything was beautiful at the ballet...


My old ballet company contacted me, on the pretext of celebrating a 20th anniversary, to organize a reunion of the first generation of dancers, as it were.
I contacted my former dance partner in crime, and both he and I agreed that it was a case of 'past our prime'. Neither of us felt any compunction to crawl back up on a stage and make a spectacle of ourselves.

Funny though, how dance still remains a part of my life. I try and catch performances time permitting, or simply enjoy it on tv. And since our munchkin has discovered the 'ballerientjes' on youtube, she has added another demand to her already long list of demands.

So now and then I search for interesting clips to show her (modern and classic dance alike). Today's search yielded this interesting clip. Or how senior citizens can still be astoundingly graceful... just like their toddler counterparts.

The clip was shot in Newcastle to Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet.

2 messages:

Tawanda said...

Oh, thank you, thank you! I love that video. How charming and wonderful.

What a nice thing to share. One more thing I like about the Internet and Blogging. :-)


PS: Forgive my ignorance please, but Newcastle is ... where?

Lula de Montes said...

Me too ;-)

Newcastle upon Tyne is the North-East of England. Claim to fame: Sting was born there. LOL.

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