To have or to have not...


Interesting how something so insignificant and small can make such a difference in one's life. In July of 2003 we started down the road that would eventually lead us to the arrival of our munchkin. At the time, we had a discussion, our counselor at the AZVUB in Jette took down our physical characteristics and to some extent our desiderata and then a computer took over. We were matched to an anonymous sperm donor and six straws of his precious sperm were 'reserved' for us.

It is now exactly four years after the first (successful) insemination. Since then, there have been four more attempts at having a second child. One straw remains... and now also the question... to have or to have not.

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Tawanda said...

That's a great picture of the li'l spermies.

I understand what you two are going through. My partner got pregnant on the very first try with our first child. The second one was a bit more difficult. It took 3 more tries. We were also running out of straws.

My memory is a bit hazy here, but we decided to go for a little help and got a shot of - something I can't remember the name of - timed to her ovulation. It was to increase the chances in some way. (Sorry, I just don't recall the terminology any longer.)

So, have you seen a doctor who specializes in reproduction? Perhaps you could maximize your chances?

Another avenue to explore - are you set on a bio-sibling, or could it be you could use another donor?

Good Luck to you both. I truly know what you are going through with this.


Lula de Montes said...

Hi Tawanda,

Sorry, my formulation might have been a bit off. We were also pregnant on the first try for our first child. We have always gone to the CRG at VUB (one of the leading hospitals worldwide for assisted reproductive medicine).

The only issue is that I refused to take hormones the second time around, to avoid the chances of twins.

Since my first pregnancy started out as a twin pregnancy (vanishing twin syndrome), I know the risk is there.

The question is rather, should we continue or leave it at that and just be happy with our one bundle of joy.

Countess said...

Think number two would keep number one company, and us too in our old age :)

Lula de Montes said...

I suppose that means I better make that call now so that we can have an appt in three months from now or so...

Tawanda said...

Well, I can only speak to our own way of things - but we'd go for it. You never know. We always wanted two children. We have been blessed with two, and feel it was just meant to be that way. My Fertile Myrtle notwithstanding. And, the girls are like two sides of the same coin - so alike, and so very, very different. They drive each other crazy, but they need each other as well. They keep each other company, that's for sure!

And, we didn't worry over much about twins. I can only speak to our own feelings, but if the pregnancy resulted in twins, we'd find ways to deal with it. But, it sounds as if that is not something you and your partner want to chance.

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