Statistics have their uses


Every blog comes with its statistics.
One learns interesting things about one's readers, such as where they are reading from, what browser they use, etc. but also the searches that drive people to your blog.

I was somewhat amused to see that a lot of balletophiles and fans of Rudolph Nureyev found their way to my little nook of the world wide web. Other memorable searches include sex in tights (Nureyev-related, but not really), lesbian spankings (I kid thee not), spanking mommies, etc.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the Oprah fans for their interest in her goodie bags, which featured the lovely soaps from Claus, in Portugal.

And finally, I continue to welcome comments, the more the merrier. You readers are very quiet people.

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Siegfried said...

Agreed, it's v.interesting examining the blog stats, I do that every day. In the early days I had very low traffic, which is/was fine, as I don't blog for traffic. But as soon as I started doing the TV reviews the hits went through the roof. The biggest spike was 650 in one day for the Capturing Mary review.

It's fascinating looking at the keywords people use (some use caps, some use *s, some use +/-, etc).

Tawanda said...

Okay, ya caught me. But, I haven't been blogging in a while and am ashamed. Yes. I said it. I left my poor readers in a lurch, and haven't gotten back to them.

I even stopped looking at my statistics for the new blog (the old one is kaput).

Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your blog, which I found by way of After Ellen and a comment you made on one of the vlogs. I think it was after a comment I made (blog name there is O.M.G.).

I'll try to comment now and then, but life is full... we'll see!


Lula de Montes said...

Hey Tawanda,

Yes, you reacted to the Mombian's vlog. Your situation sounded very similar to ours. Good to have you on board, and let me know when you start blogging again.
Interesting that you chose to go for a known donor. We considered it, but the choice was not facilitated by our hospital.

See you around!

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