New Year's Day - the prequel


Following the whole Christmas Day hullabuloo, my charming sister, now known as the Christmas terrorist, as she manages to hijack every Christmas, has decided not to join us for lunch or anything else. The less, the merrier, is my feeling, or does that seem too cruel?

The old adage, you can choose your friends, not your relatives, rings sooooo true.

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Fresco said...

I have the feeling of already eaten after only reading your Christmas menu!
I don’t know if that sentence made sense, but: can I replace your sister at next year’s Christmas table please? I could be the lonely gay friend you invited because it’s the season of good will.

Lula de Montes said...

We've already said that we will be throwing a post-Christmas bash for people who hate Christmas next year on Boxing Day.

Already three bookings received (we have people from Hawaii and LA flying in) and I'm sure there will be more! So join the crowd, as it swells.

callmesig said...

Yup, too much family 'stuff' at any time of the year is darned hard work.

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