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It's the weekend once again and I find myself craving an Emma Thompson movie. I don't know what it is about this woman, I just can't put my finger on it, but there's something inordinately sexy about her. From the moment she first burst onto my retina, in the Tall Guy (with Jeff Goldblum, if memory serves me well) to subsequent movies such as Peter's Friends, the Remains of the Day, Sense & Sensibility (for which she wrote the script as well as acting the role of Elinor)... then there was her pole dancing with Ellen, Nanny McPhee, Dolores Trelawney (in the Potter movies), Angels in America (where she got to kiss Meryl Streep)... Needless to say I like watching movies with the great Emma...

But what makes her so interesting? I just can't tell you. Except maybe, if you look at Love Actually, where her character listens to a Joni Mitchell song of the CD that she received from her husband, who is two-timing her... She simply stands in her bedroom, next to the marital bed, listening, as her world falls apart, picks herself up, smoothes out her skirt. And in that precise gesture lies the genius of Ms. Thompson... It's that unique blend of down-to-earthness and her ability to portray characters who are shaken by deep, inner conflicts.

And what better way to start 2008 than in the knowledge that she will be Lady Marchmain in Brideshead Revisited... That and the fact that she's also a friend of Stephen Fry... Oh, and, unconfirmed as yet, the filming is to take place at Chatsworth, the homestead of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire aka Debo Mitford. I love it when things come together like the pieces in a puzzle.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I agree, she's an absolute star. And yeh, that role in Love Actually was so nuanced and she gave a masterly performance, as she does in pretty much all her stuff.

I'm also a big fan of Stephen Fry, mostly on the literary front!

Looking forward to Brideshead next year!

Fresco said...

Code red? As in red nosed from too many gl├╝hweins on Christmas markets? Or red headed from the Christmas stress at the cashiers cues of overcrowded shops? :-)

Well, yes, we finally have a ‘new’ government. What a cold and icy scenery. Look at the forced smiles; they know trouble’s looming at the back door…

Loved Emma Thompson as a mad angel in ‘Angels in America’ btw.

Fingers crossed for a cooked turkey, and remember: ‘it’s all about preparation’. :-)

Lula de Montes said...

sig - same here. Been a fan since Paperweight. Did you get the Ode less travelled? I'm still hesitating... Let me know if you hear anything about Brideshead. After the director pulled out to direct the Harry Potter movie, the cast and locations changed. There is not much information out there about this movie at the moment. I know my friend Peter will be in heaven; he was in love with Sebastian, if I remember it well.

fresco - erm, I don't do Christmas markets here since they don't have that old-school Christmas charm of Bavarian or Austrian Christmas markets. Remember Nigella in Christmas Kitchen?

As for the governator: we all know trouble's looming but we don't really seem to give a toss, do we?

My SO's in charge of the bird and baked potatoes dripping in goose fat. My duties involve all the rest, i.e. choosing the wine, marinading the lax for the starters, overseeing nibbles, cocktails, starters and veggies, table settings and making sure we have all the right ingredients. She can have all the stress. I will feel like such a hausfrau, although I draw the line at cubefrau.

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