Le current mood - annoyed


Sources of annoyance include a skin eruption on my chin that makes Mount Vesuvius pale in comparison (in spite of some very fancy-schmancy new skincare products by some South African skin guru who worked with Christian Barnard), the need for a mani-pedi, a haircut, some relief for my persistent throat ache, some time to do some invoicing, some good TV (it's the year end for Chrissakes), etc.

I'd like to say something more profound, such as, the state of the world bothers me, etc. but tonight I am just in a shallow mood. No apologizing. Nah.

On the upside, we had some lovely pancakes this afternoon at a charming old place, and I got to sit next to the open fire.

We've spent a lot of time at the Antwerp Winterfoor, a nostalgic carnival, with 1930's rides, which the munchkin enjoys.

We're eating healthily (if you exclude the pancakes and syrup and hot cocoa with cream), even though it may resemble prison gruel at times.

I'm reading Charlotte Moseley's edition of the letters of all six of the Mitford Sisters.

A whole New Year is just around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I can relate, adult acne is the only 'health issue' I suffer from (I guess, thankfully) and it drives me up the wall. I don't get 'outbreaks' so much, I get perma-red rashes that take months to go away. In the past the GP has prescribed anti-biotics which don't do much. I'm going to make the most of the private healthcare we get through work and do something about it in the New Year (i.e. see a specialist as the GP is crap).

Fresco said...

And may it be a healthy one too, you sweet tooth, with a session at Olivier Dachkin (or whatever hairdressers are called these days), an accountant, Nigella Expess on Vitaya and a bottle of Hextril.

Lula de Montes said...

@sig: ironically the only time that I did not suffer from it was during my pregnancy. In fact, where most people complain, I can only say that they were the 9 most fantastic months of my life: clear skin, beautiful hair, no weight gain, excellent mood every day; no hormones raging in other words. Let me know what they prescribe you, so I can attack my dermatologist with it.

@fresco: I am fortunate enough to have a hairdresser who comes to my house to trim (not more than an inch) of my lion's mane. All I need is time!!! 48 hours a day to read books, earn a living, watch old movies on TCM, shop til I drop, go to museums in Belgium and abroad, etc. That is why I became self-employed in the first place. I am now unfortunately a victim of my own success... Oh well, things could be worse.

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