oh she was gorgeous - Penelope Keith


Words completely fail me when it comes to this woman. I am and have been in love with Penelope Keith since 1979 when she first graced my parent's ridiculously large Grundig TV screen in To the Manor Born.
And now the BBC were kind enough to give us a Christmas special this year. Oh the bliss, oh the ecstasy of it all.

I never was able to figure out whether I preferred Audrey fforbes-Hamilton DeVere or Margo Leadbetter née Sturgess (from The Good Life, another BBC hit series with Paul Eddington of Yes, Minister fame).

My levels of Anglophilia are rising to new heights every day... I am pathetic, but non-apologetic.

And by the way, don't you all think that Marjorie Frobisher is a real fox for being 68???

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callmesig said...

I do like Penelope Keith too, something unique about her that I like!

I missed the special over Christmas, unfort. In fact, I missed just about all TV that was on! With the exception of this and the odd other thing, I don't think I missed too much.

Lula de Montes said...

Again, take thee to youtube, where some kind person has seen fit to upload the whole special...
I fell asleep during the whole thing, so caught up on it yesterday.

I did manage to stay sufficiently awake to see Ballet Shoes though (one of my favourite children's books ever).

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