Probiotics again


Blast and botheration. It is only the busiest time of the year for me as regards work... and our little mite has an intestinal virus. Which means, no school.
Auuugh! So much for sleeping during the next days. I've invoices to write out, and two horrific deadlines.

Thankfully, my SO will take time off so things are not as bad as they could potentially be.

And thanks for probiotics. Hopefully they kick in soon enough, because intestinal viruses, as we know from the past, can lead to hospital stays...

Nose to the grindstone, with a clothes peg firmly on it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yuck. Is she ok now?

Lula de Montes said...

She was for a few days but since yesterday we're back on the probiotics trail. We think her ear infections are back (hence her immunity is off).

Guess where we're headed on Boxing Day at 9am? The ear surgeon's...

I love the idea of starting off 2008 with two surgical interventions in one family. No wonder I can't sleep.

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