L'orange bleue est morte, vive l'orange bleue?


Tomorrow will mark the 185th day since the elections without a government.

The coalition broker resigned on 1 December. The former PM, Guy Verhofstadt, has now been assigned the job of running the country (which he's been doing for the last six months anyway) and trying to put together a workable coalition. And frankly, that's all I can tell you because at this point I have no idea what's going on... I'm mystified, everyone is mystified.

Are we to have a government? Is there a coalition in the pipeline? Are they just revamping the previous coalition into something workable? Oh, wait, I get it, this is your typical Belgian compromise in the making...

I watch, eyes wide shut, and wait. This country's regions are on a major collision course, with every statement being used as an excuse to have a major flare-up.

Vaudeville at its best. Belgium as we've always known it. Business as usual.

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Tawanda said...

Do you think there will come a time when the Belgium structure will hit a wall, thereby forcing something to be done?

I've got to admit, what I know about Belgium would fit onto the head of a pin - and it pains me to say that.

Having made the admission, I must ask - what is the language of Belgium? French? Flemish? Which also raises the question, what is Flemish?


Lula de Montes said...

My SO says consider yourself ahead of the pack since you already know that we speak Flemish instead of Dutch, which is more than most people know.

She also says that she had a boss in NYC who asked her if Belgium was in Brussels...

We have three national languages BTW: Flemish, French and German.

As long as there's a king, I don't think we'll be breaking up any time soon. He's good for nothing, but he seems to have a kind of superglue function.

Flemish is to Dutch what American English is to UK English.

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