Sinterklaas came and went...


Where to start? Sinterklaas is the original Santa... before the big Red aka Coca-Cola claimed him.

On 6 December, we celebrate the patron saint of children, St Nicholas of Smyrna. The good saint is usually accompanied by Black Peter (very un-PC), and brings presents to all those children, who have been good in the past year.

Our munchkin was beside herself yesterday evening and even more so this morning when she found that the carrots, which she had left in her boots for Sinterklaas's horse had been eaten... and that presents had mysteriously appeared. This was of course followed by a magnificent meltdown of magnanimous proportions, due to the excitement.

And finally, this afternoon, she got to meet the good man himself, as he visited her classroom.

The things we parents have to contend with...

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