Because you should always have a must-have: hot cocoa


Some days you need the comforting unctuousness of a hot cocoa, gently oozing its way down your oesophagus to warm you up inside.

Here's a quick recipe:
dark (and I mean really dark) chocolate*
honey or brown sugar
vanilla extract or vanilla syrup (in which case eliminate honey)

if so inclined, you may add dark rum (but since I associate rum with summer cocktails I don't).

Heat milk
Add all the ingredients in function of your liking, and the chocolate, which you should break up in chunks.
Keep stirring with a mini-whisk until the chocolate has melted.
Fiddle around a bit with the taste until you have what you are looking for.
Take out the cinnamon stick.
Pour into a large cup, while steaming.
Find some good mixed spice cookies and snuggle up in bed with a good book.

It will become a ritual. As it is in this household. So without further ado, off to the kitchen I go.

*I'm addicted to Green and Black's dark 85% but my next endeavour includes Marcolini chocolate bars to take it to an altogether new level. I have this hunch that Equateur or Fleur de Cacao will cinch it.

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callmesig said...

Mmmmmm! Looks divine! Could do with one of those now to be quite honest! (I'm having a dry evening).

Fresco said...

Oh, the hot chocolate therapy! You’re so right.
In combination with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream it’s domestic goddess bliss and my Friday night Desperate Housewives ritual!
(Thanks for your definition about me dear, but who dear, me dear, gay dear, no dear.)

Now… oesophagus… is it contagious?

Lula de Montes said...

@sieg: well, I guess a trip to the local Waitrose is in order then. I can imagine that there is such a thing as too much hair of the dog, no?

fresco: what's your flavour? On sunny Fridays the munchkin and I stop at our B&J shop for an ice after school.

oesophagus is an interesting disease. Some turkey gravy and a lot of chocolate will cure it in an instant! Alternatively, alcoholic beverages will do the trick.

callmesig said...

LOL, yeh, I spose too much hair of the dog does exist. This not smoking makes me drink more. This evening I've had 3/4 bottle of red and am now on my 2nd *strong* pastis. But I'm off to bed shortly so I'm sure it'll help knock me out (have had nasty bouts of insomnia this week - unusual for me).

Fresco said...

I’m currently into Cherry Garcia.

Great, I’ll keep this remedy in mind.
I’ll mix all ingredients together to be sure to get rid of it. :-)

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