The L Word - Season 5 episode 3: Lady of the Lake



As the skies are rumbling over my homestead, I sit here pondering the episode of the L Word that I’ve just seen. I’m quietly bemused about the fact that the episode that I have just viewed is mostly good, in fact excellent in places. Incredibly enough, I laughed out loud on several occasions.

A few of the cherser moments:

* Bev’s Angels: Alice’s Farrah flip was picture perfect, but what about the campdom that was Rachel Shelley? I was in stitches, she was priceless. In fact the whole scene was: the clothes, the wigs, the blush… Now if that gaydar could have just been a real bullet for Jenny? Wishful thinking on my behalf.

* Then there was the return of Mama P, or the incredible Peggy ‘I’ll do you family style’… Can you spell P-L-A-S-T-I-C-S-U-R-G-E-R-Y? Honey, if Holland Taylor smiled any broader her butt crack would rip. Still, I loved the way they filmed her from the back, swishing through that prison corridor.

* Just as I was really getting into the Helena/Dusty storyline, we all have to watch aghast as Helena walks off into the sunset (couldn’t they just have reserved this fate for Jenny? Why?), presumably off to the Neverland of Taha’a… where she will be reunited with her ‘prison butch’ and they will remain eternally young and gorgeous, and have coconut-milk drenched sex on the beach? I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away here.

* Classic moment: Jodie in the car saying ‘you’ll love him’ about her friend Michelangelo. The bells of doom were already ringing, as we all know when someone makes a statement like that you are bound to hate them the minute you set eyes on them. This weekend was doomed to bomb and Bette in the water was quite like a bomb.

* This was a very snobbish episode, don’t you think? The book Bette was reading by the way was ‘Verandah people’ by Jonathan Bennet, for those who want to expand their library.

* The cardio lady’s boobs: yeah, we all knew they were augmented from the minute the nipples popped into our eyes… Yikes.

* Poor Max: who would have thought that I would ever say this? Total parve, completely neutral… nobody is interested. I find myself wanting to defend her. What a change a season can make.

* On a final note: I’m quite interested to see where the Tasha/Alice storyline will go. I think it will all end in tears… but what an impassioned soapbox speech Tasha made to Beech. And a good point too: if you can function in the military, and be gay, why should you have to be booted, or discharged, as they like to put it?

* Alas poor Shane. I knew her, you know….

Better sign off now because the thunder is becoming increasingly ominous. Nothing like a good winter storm when you’re all alone at home with nobody to cuddle up to…

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Dykes And The City said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and I like it here... and all this time I was thinking I was the only blogging dyke in Belgium. Waw. :-)

Great TLW reviews btw!

Lula de Montes said...

Thanks for the compliment! Welcome aboard. We aim to please ;-)

feromoon said...

What about your own spot with this blog at ?

Lula de Montes said...

Wow, fero! I'm honoured!
It started out as a writing exercise since my job involved taking other people's words and fashioning them into something decent.

If you feel that it is good enough, then be my guest ;-)


feromoon said...

Lula Darrrraling,

How are you, is the fanmail overwhelming/ hahaha.
BUT, I adjusted a tiny little cutie thing:
I have put the sexscene of Tina with the cardiologist in video as an illustration to your article too.

Love and brasas!


Lula de Montes said...

Thanks, Fero! I'm not well versed in the video aspect of the Internet yet...

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