Ah, a mother's chores never end.
Poor SO and I have been ripping and sewing as fast as we could, to customize a Sleeping Beauty dress into something that would befit Pinkalicious... The munchkin's request.

Below is the outcome. A rose pink fairy dress, with a tiara, with heart ribbons. Words fail me.
It comes with pink wings and a pink fairy wand. Egads. All we need are some streamers and her pink tights and she will look gorgeous tomorrow morning. Her friends are going respectively as a fairy, an elf and a princess. I pity the poor teacher.

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luscious said...

"Pinkalicious"! why don't they put that on the university reading list?
it'll be a pixie fest tomorrow at school... very nice costume!
do you girls cater to an adult audience as well? if it might be an advantage: I'm a shorty myself...

Lula de Montes said...

Our adult catalogue is a little more evolved... Think the angels in Fouquet's painting?

SO is taking her maxi camera to ensure that we have it all on record for posterity.

Fresco said...

Munchkin's friends will be SO jealous. Boy friends I presume? :-)

Lula de Montes said...

@Fresco: both SO and I screamed when we got the photos this afternoon from the school teacher. There was one little boy who looked so gay, even though he was wearing a butch Spidey suit. So winsome. The girls just stood together as a gaggle. At that age, the hormones aren't raging yet.

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