Ring out the old, ring in the new!


2008 is here to stay! And guess what, it started uneventfully, with a family party, without drama. That alone is a miracle for which we will kiss the hemline of
Pope Clementine's Nigella's frock... Mouah, mouah's all around!

Yesterday evening we had an easy dinner, after which we watched Ratatouille. I know, not much to scream about, but the choices are very limited when you have a 3-year old on the sofa with you. The munchkin had been promised fireworks, so around 11.30 we laboured upstairs and started about the difficult task of waking up the poor mite. It was facilitated by the first boom at 11.50 after which she was gung-ho to get out and see the fireworks over the river herself. So we raced out as fast as we could and were able to take in 17 minutes of relatively good fireworks (see youtube clip above, although now I saw the offerings in London and Sydney, they look somewhat pale in comparison). We then mosied on back home, for pink champagne and milk, and Jools Holland's Hootenanny. She watched Kylie with a lot of interest, I must say, although she did not care much for Kate Nash.

Today started off leisurely as my beloved led two lobsters to the chop; this was the first time that any live creature had been killed off in this household, and contrary to my expectations, it went rather smoothly. I sat in the living room, with the munchkin, while the beasties were given their send-off on the executioner's block in the kitchen, without a murmur. My SO believes in saying a prayer for them, the Native American Indian way.

Lunch, with family but sans sister, consisted of:
Half a lobster with butter sauce
Roast poussins, rubbed with cumin and cinnamon, and a mélange of sweet potatoes, patty pans, baby courgettes, purple carrots, and potato croquettes
Apple crumble

Very low-maintenance.

Now about New Year's Resolutions, they are quite related to one another:

As we wish to enlarge our family this year, and I am the designated oven for the bun in question, I will be subjecting myself to the turkey baster and a sperm surge on a regular basis from April onwards. This is barring any complications, of course. However, there is a significant detail: I will have to redux myself from Nigella Express dimensions to a more acceptable Nigella's Forever Summer size. So back to the prison gruel, it is... And portion size, must remember portion size. If it doesn't fit under two fists, then it is excess, to be removed from one's plate instantly. Healthier body means exercise, i.e. Pilates classes. And since I a firm believer in the 'Mens sana in corpore sano' adage, I will be taking some time off from everything in the new year... A little fresh air in the brain never hurt anyone and all work and no play, etc.

Over the last year I have come to appreciate it pays to be happy with what you have. And so I start 2008 on a generally happy and relaxed note. Let's try to keep it this way.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and hope all goes well for 2008, sounds like it'll be a big year for you!

Fresco said...

What a dramatic start of 2008: a murder in cold blood in your house!

So for the New Year I have to wish you some… sperm? Oh well, people ask for the strangest presents these days… :-)

The roasted poussins and sweet potatoes – it’s so easy, it’s almost embarrassing, isn’t it?

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