Cutest moment of the day: the munchkin and her friend each enveloped in a towel, saying 'we are ballerinas' during the Sunday playover exchange-over with our next-door neighbours three houses down.

Cutest moment no. 2 of the day: the two of them sleeping in between the towels in the middle of the living room on the floor, turned towards one another.

Most satisfying moment of the day: seeing the two of them toss handfuls of 'snow' (ticker tape) at one another with several other kids during the neighbourhood's new year's cocktail in the park, kindly brought to us by the Antwerp section of the socialist party and our mayor.

Most unnerving moment of the day: realizing that everyone around you is straight and that you're the only gay parent in a 1-km radius. Makes you want to instantly run for the hills, but the only thing that retains you there is that your neighbours are there, that everyone is nice to you and that your kid is having one helluva good time.

Parenting: who said it was easy?

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Anonymous said...

That does sound a bit unnerving being the only gay person for 1 km! But as you say, munchkin and the rest of the kids were having fun so that's all that matters. And you are a parent which is a fairly major thing to have in common with other adults. People are evidently concentrating less on the 'differences' and more on the 'similarities' which is as it should be. If only the rest of the world operated like that...

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