must-have: radiator cat hammock


I simply couldn't resist putting up this beautiful example of pet gadgetry. I noticed this cool bed aka radiator cat hammock in one of Suburban Mum's posts and immediately fell in love with it. Our cat has a propensity to sleep on the very cold window sill, face down over the radiator. When the curtains are closed, all you see is a protruding paw and tail. However, since she's getting on in years, she also developed a cold as a result. Nothing worse than a sneezing cat, especially one with wet sneezes.

So the search is on. Of course, one or two worries remain. Will our moggie not be too heavy for this funky bed? What if the radiator falls out of the wall as the feline jumps into her hammock?
Oh well, time will tell.

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Suburban Mum said...

Suburban Cat weighs over 6kg - and she's never brought one down yet!

Fresco said...

Don't worry is she ruins your radiator: a cat always falls on her 4 foot. :-)

Fresco said...

Just noticed an embarrassing spelling mistake: it’s on her fEEt of course.
Always blame the cat for typos.

Piglet said...

A cat falls on her four feet, except when she's one of mine and then she busts her knee :-)

But then my cats are weird.
Love the hammock!

Lula de Montes said...

@Piglet: mine managed to run up 1000 euros of vet's bills in one year thanks to a feline admirer. You won't believe how many times they had to reset her leg and the suffering we endured, together with her.

I like your taste in music by the way (love Iceland!).

Piglet said...

I think Soes is only up to... 600 Euro or so by now. But then I have a few more check-ups to complete.

Btw, not sure Iceland will be sending Haffi Haff, they could also go for the anthem "ho ho ho, we say hey hey hey" (No, I'm really, really not kidding) or a number of other options. :)

Lula de Montes said...

yeah, but Iceland always comes up with the coolest entries!

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