Mogilino again


The other day one of our public TV channels - Canvas - showed the Mogilino documentary, which I posted about on 18 November last year.

A Belgian film maker by the name of Chris Dusauchoit (I think he lives right around my corner, ironically) has jumped on the band wagon stating that something should be done and calling on Belgian MEPs to react.

At the time I drafted and sent an e-mail to various Belgian MEPs and websites asking them to react. Nothing happened. Not even an e-mail back. I'm curious to see if this time around something will.

Time for an update also: Kate Blewett will be at the European Parliament on 4 March. She has been invited to show the documentary there after a hearing on the state of care in Bulgaria.

Most of the children are doing better, are receiving healthier food and specialized care.

The fact remains that even now there are children all over Bulgaria in similar situations. As recently as this week, footage was leaked of children being penned/caged in Czech orphanages.
I have a hard time wrapping my mind around such an approach to a being as fragile as a child.

More information on
The documentary can be seen in various locations on the internet, including here. Again, not for the faint of heart.

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