The L Word - Season 5 Episode 1


Yes, I have seen the episode. No, I was not overly enthusiastic about it, for all the wrong nitpicking reasons. Tina Kennard's face in this photo gives an adequate description of my mixed feelings.

Do not read below if you're not interested in spoilers.

First of all, the fit of Bette's bra was atrocious, with skin escaping from under the underwire, which, the wardrobe girl should have corrected. Women should learn to wear the right type of bra, with the right type of fit. Grrrrrr.

The character of Jenny has managed to rise to new levels of irritation. Somebody must be doing some bad drugs, if they think that I find this amusing. Conclusion: I am sure the outcome of this season will be some kind of catharsis for Jenny, where she is taken down a few pegs. In the meantime, suffer or record the eppy, in which case you can fast forward. The rewrite of her script had my heckles up, if only because it was sooo bad (and no, I'm not angling for a job in this department). Are we to believe that an ageing Stavros Niarchos type would be interested in 'Hello I'm such a lesbian' OTT Jenny? The answer is NOT.

Shane does what she always does best: being Shane. The same applies to Max. Rien n'a changé.

And the curious glances between Bette and Tina are obviously designed to string us along for another season or two.

Toss in some Cybill Shepherd (I'm not sure what the point of this storyline is, unless by the end of this season she goes back to her hubby), the prison story arc for Helena (nothing like some prison sex in orange overalls for those undersexed viewers) and the political story of Tasha (and Alice), and voilĂ  episode 1.

This episode was streamed on that chart site, hence it was cleaned up a little. No F-Word (but we got the L-word instead), even The Betty's act (the theme song) was windexed a little, although they cast some major blurs over Tina's assets breasts, and Shane's nakedness during her sex scene.

Conclusion: I'll keep watching, finger on the remote to zap Jenny where necessary, for my own viewing comfort, but as yet, I'm not on board of this train.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't read the spoiler but will wait for it to air in the UK.

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