must-have: Mozart Kugeln - the campiest chocolates evah


Sooooo, this evening my friend returns from his extended weekend in gay Berlin (Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Weeeelcome), drops by to pick up his house keys and rewards my cat-sitting efforts with a box of Mozart Kugeln.

Those of you who are well versed in the sciences of geography and musical history will immediately remark: Austria, Germany, wot?

Mozart Kugeln are indeed an Austrian delicacy, although my box states that it was manufactured in Germany.

But let's continue: even though I might be a tad predisposed to that delicacy known as chocolate, my palate had yet to have a special encounter with this type of ball (sorry, I couldn't resist it).

So I opened the box only to discover 12 pretty round chocolates adorned with WA's effigy and... a prize! A Mozart CD. Shoot me, oh ye classical music aficionados, but I just can't admit to loving Mozart's creations all that much, except maybe his wind serenade (K.361).
I then wondered whether this was all about some synesthetic experience, whereby the music was supposed to enhance one's pleasure while eating the chocolates. I decided that in my case that was a foregone conclusion and proceeded to discover the challenge within.

My first thought was: it's a negerzoen! (Dutch candy, translates as negro's kiss, white and spongy contents on a biccie topped with chocolate on the outside, known in popular Flemish as a negertiet, negro's tit. Being PC is not a forte in Belgian dialects.). But now I am still reeling as a result of the marsipan and pistachio wave that hit me.

As one might have surmised on seeing the packaging, this candy gives a whole new meaning to the word sickly sweet. Two are as much as one can handle.

But I think it is a must-have, if only because of the campiness of the box that you can whip out when you have visitors.

So on the list of must-haves it goes!

And thank you my friend, for giving me something to blog about tonight.

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Chris said...

Mozartkugel - mmmmhh, lekker, lecker, delicious.
You don't like Mozart? What about this:
Laudate Dominum:


Cheryl Studer, Dove Sono:

Lula de Montes said...

The choir in Laudate Dominum from 3:00 onwards was exceptional... but you have to understand, I was raised on a stringent diet of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Prokofiev, Grieg, etc. I had to beg my father for some Debussy... Liszt, etc.
To a certain extent, you could say that I have been conditioned. Thanks for the listening tips though. I keep trying valiantly to find that elusive piece...

Fresco said...

Thanks for that.
*Insert memories of me eating Mozart chocolates in the back of my parents’ car during childhood holidays in Austria *

Lula de Montes said...

@Fresco: See how your childhood shapes you!

Fresco said...

So Mozartkuglen made me gay?
And I thought Charlie's Angels were to blame...

Lula de Montes said...

@Fresco: no, they are to blame for my gayness, along with the women from Falcon Crest, Vogue Magazine in the late 80s/early 90s, and a lot of ballroom dancing competitions on TV.

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