Thank God for morphine!


This evening at 7 pm I got the call.

Everything was all right, she'd just been brought back to her room. Leaving the munchkin in my mum's care, I made straight for the hospital.

Pale face, dark shadows, but a smile and she cracked a joke at me, while half asleep. A morphine pump is keeping the pain in check.

In the car I finally gave free reign to my tears.

Relief. Pent-up stress.

Thank you all for your support!

3 messages:

Anonymous said...

Gawd, does sound stressful. Don't blame you for getting emotional. Glad she cracked a joke, that is a good sign indeed. Onwards and upwards and she'll get better each day. Take all the time you need and don't feel obligated to post too often as that in itself can be stressful as I've also found from time to time!

Sending you supportive positive vibes from Blighty (with a fish and chip supper thrown in for good measure!)

luscious said...

just let it flow, grrrl. it can be such a relief.
very glad to hear that she's doing fine ánd that she even made a joke.
long live morphine!

Fresco said...

I guess I’m a bit late with the get well soon wishes, but anyway - hope she gets well soon.

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