Red dot!


This lunchtime the munchkin walked in with a red dot on her hand.
It took a lot of prodding and questioning to understand what had been going on in class... and finally, after the fourth version, I decided to text her kindergarten teacher in order to glean the mischief of the day.

It turned out that my little mite had been chucking the poufs in the book corner around. The teacher then proceeded to mention that V. has a hard time finding a place in class, that she tends to roam about and get into trouble but when she is told to go to one of the corners (dolls, magnets, farm, cars, puzzles, etc.) she settles in well and finally that I should not worry because this is perfectly normal behaviour for children of that age.

NOT WORRY? This led to instant pearl clutching in SO and myself, as we tried to wrap our minds around the fact that
1) we thought she was doing so well
2) she was unruly in class, meanwhile we keep on being told by EVERYBODY how well behaved our munchkin is
3) she was disciplined with a red dot.
4) she roams about aimlessly in class.

This evening the class teacher sends all parents a mail with photos of the day and it turns out that the red dot was part of an estafette game (and she was on the red team). So no cookie stealing. No discipline dot. Just a red game dot.

And nothing to worry about. Sorta.

Parenting. It's the hardest job in the world.

3 messages:

Anonymous said...

Glad it wasn't a discipline dot. That did sound a bit... 1984-like for some reason!

Fresco said...

As long as she doesn't start to chuck the pOOfs around in the book corner... :-)

(I love the "clutching pearls" expression.)

Lula de Montes said...

@sieg: I know! The horror, the horror... I tried to be patient until today to talk to the kindergarten akela, but I simply couldn't contain myself.

@fresco: no, she's been trained to treat them nicely. Even those old crotchety poofs, who hate children, but somehow can be coaxed into reading Elmer de kleurtjesolifant to her in a language that they don't know when they think nobody is watching...

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