The L Word - Season 5 episode 2: look out, here they come



The photo* above is an accurate rendering of my expression during this episode. Amused yet slightly bemused. Some random remarks in no particular order.

Let me start by saying that the title, 'Look out, here they come', could also be taken literally this episode, thanks to Shane's antics at a wedding.

After 'let's get pregnant sex' and 'holy moly, you are so pregnant sex', 'on the carpet of our new flat' sex, 'in my phenomenal beach condo' sex and temporary incarceration sex (yes, remember Bette and the nail and hammer lady?), we were served a plate of prison sex during this episode. Predictable, but fun nonetheless.

I also made a point of cleaning my glasses very meticulously before this episode but I still missed the chemistry between the Bette and Jodie characters. But maybe it's just me. When they were kissing over dinner, I wanted to poke out my own eyes for some reason. The horror, the horror. But again, maybe it's just moi. The prison shower scene came a close second. Too much flesh. Really.

The Tasha character is slowly and insidiously worming its way into my heart. And surprisingly enough, so is Max. Is it me or has Daniela Sea's acting improved (no, I have not been hitting the sauce tonight). Although now that I've heard that she's hanging out with Paris Hilton, I will revise my opinion.

Did you also spot Pam Grier's Foxy Brown moment? Mmmmm, mama. All she needed was to snap her fingers and do that Bette thing with the arm and I would have screamed 'You go girl' at the screen.

I was irritated at times by the music, and felt it was somewhat too overbearing. I was somewhat irritated at the ties that they inflict on Jane Lynch. I was even more irritated by la Schecter. Please, die already. And take your scary assistant with you.

In conclusion, overall a good episode, but I'm still waiting for that zing that I used to feel during Season 1.

* photo courtesy of Dorothy Surrenders.

3 messages:

luscious said...

oh yeah!!! she did it! another recap of the L... here's to hoping for another one!

Lula de Montes said...

I can only write them as fast as the episodes come, dear...
And imagine, if a good one comes along, what shall I say?

Recap: it was good?

luscious said...

and here I was, hoping you'd be clairvoyant...
if a good one does come along, surely you'll adorn it with superlatives rather than plain 'good' ('the best')?

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