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This weather is getting on my nerves. Not only does it mean that I have to think of an outfit that doesn't emphasise my milky white legs every morning (even though I have been diligently applying body milk with self-tanner), but I am sooooo uninspired.

I can barely think of eating, have been contemplating dragging myself to the gym, hardly do anything at all, come to think of it, except the bare necessities.

Spring fatigue is here, ladies and gentlemen, and as inertia sets in, I find myself thinking of a long spring shower. A good old-fashioned storm followed by cool raindrops on my face. Scandinavian temperatures. A light breeze on my skin during the day and not only at night.

Proof of my complete inertia: I was able to spend the best part of 2 hours on a café terrace watching the munchkin bounce around the square with her little prince and I didn't even regret not bringing a book or a paper.

I am a sloth.

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luscious said...

2 things:
1)be a sloth with pride. I know I can be one even when the temperature's NOT subtropical ;)
2)what's wrong with milky white legs? again, strut them around with pride.
oh yeah, it's all about pride, baby...

FeroMoon said...

Darraling Lula,

As a girl I grew up in Surinam. A former colony of the Lowlands.
I, as granddaughter of my boeroe grandparents had kilometres of land to play on. But, there was always one spot that got my attention: the big tamatinde tree with the Luiaard in it. The Luiaard is a peaceful, though dangerous animal. Your picture brings back the memory of my youth. As you know, the best privilege one have as a child is to be spoiled by uncles and aunts and play around land as far as one can see, with rainforest just around the corner.
(keep on working out!)

Lula de Montes said...

@Fero: wow, I had no idea that you were so up close and personal with a sloth. I love them so much. They are unique creatures. What a wonderful way to grow up.
@Luscious: I think they should institute a White Legs Pride Parade.

luscious said...

re: White Legs Pride Parade: I'm in! can I wave the flag?

Suburban Mum said...

Those body lotions with a hint of self-tan just don't work for me. I end up with brown ankles and still white everywhere else.

deboo said...

Hey, you deserve some down time!!!

Lula de Montes said...

@suburban mum: applying self-tanner is an art, I agree. I use latex gloves.

@deboo: my life these days should be a feature film entitled Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown...

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