I have to admit that I had a pleasant night last night watching the Eurovision, abetted by my SO who is in Paris for the next fortnight and Suburban Mum, both of whom kept me entertained for a few hours. As for Eurovision itself: I have nothing to say about it except that the drivel factor rose to new levels this year.

Entries worthwhile mentioning: Ukraine's Shania Twain lookalike, who stole some pages from Madonna's book, Iceland's Euroband (made for the treadmill), the UK entry for receiving little to no points in spite of it being a good song, France with its bearded women, ARMENIA! (howling wolves across the steppes... and a qele qele rhythm section. By the way, my hair also moves like that when I shake my assets ROFL), Greece because it stuck in my head after hearing SO sing "my secret combination" over Skype approx. 900 times, the Chiki chiki song (uno, el brikindans, dos, el cruisalito, tres el michaeljackson, cuatro, el robocop!) and that's about it. I don't really remember much of the rest.

Oh well, Moscow next year... King Vlad will be happy.

Just for the heck of it, here are Fridrik and Regina again. Impressive pipes around 2'25'' and some neat pink shoes:

The picaresque El Chiki CHiki

And France with its catchy ENGLISH (gasp!)

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Bun said...

You, Suburban Mum, Sven and Daphne all talking about this! I didn't watch it this year!

Lula de Montes said...

Bun, I think we should consider a Eurovision get-together next year, although Moscow is not my idea of fun. London, eh?

Bun said...
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Bun said...

Hehe, now that would be a good idea!

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