Yanaika and Stephanie *again*


Tonight sees the thrilling finale to a season of my restaurant rules à la flamande.
Over the past two weeks I have noticed a surge every time I posted something about the two Limburgers, Yanaika and Stephanie, who also happen to be lesbians (*gasp*).

Now what I would like to know is whether every person that clicked my blog in search of the P Magazine pics is also a lesbian. Because all I can say is, where have they been hiding all these years?

As far as the programme is concerned, it would seem that the congenial duo do not have the financial clout to keep their restaurant going (unless they rotate with double shifts) and that the other contestants will have to close shop and move elsewhere, because some Irish businessman has other plans for the location. All this gleaned from a few issues of Dag Allemaal, while I was waiting at the chips shop last night.

Whatever, I wish them all the best of success tonight.

And for all you drive-by shooters, here is some more eye candy for your eyes only:

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