A new fridge


Remember my post on the Meneghini? After I left the fridge door open this past Saturday (for, oh, about twelve hours or so) while watching the Eurovision Campfest, and temperatures hit the roof and most of the food had to be chucked out (HACCP and cold chain, n'est-ce pas), SO and I sat down for a Skype chat.

The outcome: no wedding in the cards, but we bought ourselves a new fridge. It took us 2 hours to decide, the main argument being about whether it should have a water dispenser or not. I argued that it would make us drink more water, SO pointed out that with all the pharmaceutical crap (hormones, cocaine residue, alzheimer and other meds) in our drinking water that this was probably not such a good idea in the long run. After all, if we have Evian, why should we bother drinking anything else? I kid, of course, but you get my point.

So sometime this week, the gleaming extra-wide stainless steel beauty will hit our kitchen. Design-wise, it is rather simple, but given its position, i.e., hidden in the back corner of our kitchen, I couldn't really be bothered.

And it comes with an alarm on the door!

Life will never be the same in the beating heart of our house again.

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mumof4 said...

My fridge does have an alarm on the door and I am mazed how quickly it starts beeping and telling me pff - after about 10seconds and normally I leave the fridge open longer than that. So I ignore the alarm button most of the time!

Anonymous said...

My parents' fridge has an alarm. All you ever hear from their kitchen is "Oh shut UP!" whenever anyone goes to get a drink.

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