Must-have: Meneghini fridge


I'm a sucker for anything related to the kitchen and since we're pondering the acquisition of a new fridge, I've been looking around. Of course, my eye had to fall on the one, most expensive fridge in the marketplace. You'd think it was cast in gold. For a mere 5,000 pounds, it can grace our kitchen in all its custom-made glory.

I think we need to get married soon, and get the embossed invites with the little insert card, which reads, please sponsor our beautiful new fridge, account no. so and so.

Splendiferous... Of course, we'd require a blue one.

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luscious said...

nice! what's so special about it though which makes it that expensive? as it happens to be, the Missus and I went looking for a fridge as well this past weekend. we like the American models with the ice maker and fridge part to the right, freezer to the left.

Lula de Montes said...

@Luscious: they are completely hand-made. Take a look here . They are fully customized to your needs.

feromoon said...

A beautiful find and from now on you are THE true kitchen snooper.
The fridge you're mentioning has more character that gives warm atmosphere to the kitchen then the others that seems to be kept stuck in the dawning of modernism.
Soon one those fridges will have more artificial intellect then our own human mind.

Lula de Montes said...

@Fero: LOL, except it requires winning the lottery :-(. We have more pressing things to take care of, such as finding a 19th century door for our house, getting 'monument' classification from the city so we can restore the house façade, etc. So this particular fridge will have to wait.
@Luscious: my mother has an American one. They're huge. No person could eat that much food. I'm prefer to buy fresh, rather than hoard.

luscious said...

just looked at that link you gave. wow, impressive indeed. and big, too! and you call an American fridge big, lol. I'm sure this one can compete with it.

Lula de Montes said...

@Luscious: yeah, but we'd be getting a single fridge, as in the pic on the blog. The mere thought of such a moloch in my home gives me the shivers.

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