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Frankly, I'm too tired at the moment to cook dinner. My lack of cooking appetite is expounded by the fact that the munchkin is doing her best to get on my nerves at dinner time.

So tonight I decided to try a different tack: dinner out of a bag. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. We had wild and white rice, with stir-fried asparagus (I added those for extra veg) and assorted oriental vegetables (no chopping, yeah!) and vegetable nuggets which I slapped on the griddle.
All done in a manner of 8 mins and doused in teriyaki sauce (heated in the 'wave).

And how did the munchkin react to my Express efforts? By plucking rice kernel after rice kernel off her plate and putting it on her spoon... ten kernels at a time to her mouth. It resulted in an immediate rescinding of all dessert privileges for tonight.

I'm not sure she liked it either in other words.

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Bun said...

Dinner out of a bag always sounds like a nice idea but it never tastes quite the same or as good as home cooked food unfort. I think all ready meals are like this, even the more manual ones.

I'm eating M&S mini jelly babies as I type this. I think munchkin would find those quite palatable! :P

Lula de Montes said...

Bun, I draw the line at those pre-made meals that have to be done au bain marie. There are limits.

Mini jelly babies? Sounds good. Mini marshmallows, even better.

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