The DDM has a new frock


and it's all thanks to Suburban Mum, who was kind enough to put her webdesign skills to work, in order to create me this fab new frock.

And yes, she does bespoke templates for anyone who asks nicely.

6 messages:

Bun said...

Looks great! She did mine too.

deboo said...

Whoa! It's PINK!

Be still, my heart.


Love the new digs!

Anonymous said...

Oh you figured it out! I was about to reply to your email.

Glad you like it!

J x

feromoon said...

Suburban Mum, it looks good.
Do you also do woman without glasses?

Anonymous said...

I added those glasses and adapted a royalty-free image, so yes I can feromoon! Just let me know what kind of thing you're after. Email is on my blog on About Me page.

Anonymous said...

LOL, your spam letters were "fakwud". It made me laugh.

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