Madonna mia!


You have to wonder what the adoption authorities in Malawi, who are completing the adoption process for Madonna's third child, David Banda, make of this.

I hate to gripe on Madonna, but seriously, we've been there, you've done it, Madge, and some of us even bought the t-shirt. The tsunami following her deep throat kisses with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera rippled through the world press at the time and I remember thinking that I couldn't understand why she was pitching la Spears to us, when Christina Aguilera had so much more to offer, including a voice for example. We all know what happened since: Britney Spears imploded on herself and her career (remember that disastrous performance at the MTV music awards), while Christina Aguilera reinvented the forties with some good music and had a stable family.

This... well, this is so passé. She's made some great music, I have diligently bought her cds, but now I have to ask myself: Am I getting too old for Madonna, or is she simply getting too old for me?

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Bun said...

I remember (80s) when she and Michael Jackson ruled the airwaves. Nothing came close! She's done well to hang on this long. She obviously feels the need to keep shocking to stay in the headlines.

Lula de Montes said...

@Bun: I heard that she made a right old spectacle of herself on Radio 1 the other day? Swearing live, etc?

Bun said...

I never listen to R1... Magic FM and R4 all the way!

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