One cyclone + one earthquake =


Wiping out*

La Rochelle, France
Charleston, South Carolina, US
Forli, Italy
Rockhampton, Australia
Ulm, Germany
Santa Fe, New Mexico, US
Uzghorod, Ukraine
Saint Vincent & Grenadines
Dili, East Timor
Chandannagar, India
Oxford, the United Kingdom
Jabaliya, the largest Palestine refugee camp, Gaza Strip
Leiden, the Netherlands
Tarragona, Spain
Lusaka, Zambia
Cherkessk, Russia
Bam, Iran (45000 killed during the 2003 earthquake)
Lhasa, Tibet
Potosi, Bolivia
Guzman, Mexico
Riobamba, Ecuador
Peoria, Arizona, US
The entire Parsi population in India today

* towns/countries with a population of 120,000

It's time to start DONATING people! No time to waste... Children and adults alike need clean water, food, tents, etc. to survive and start rebuilding what's left of their lives.

Photo AP.

So get out there and find your local Red Cross or Unicef affiliate.

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luscious said...

maybe a list like this one could serve as a wake up call... let's hope so.

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