Nights are short


After a crap night, with a munchkin who hacked and sniffled her way through most of it, rolling around my bed for the rest of it, I have a whopper of a headache. Yesterday's libations probably also have something to do with it.

We know that her ears are fragile, that she attracts cold viruses like a magnet, that when she has a cold, it tends to affect her sensitive intestines. I just wish she would sleep better at a time when I need my time the most. I wish she would be less of a clingon, at a time when I need her to be independent. There must be children out there, who are perfect little children, sleeping at all the right times, waking up at all the right times, eating what they should (and not Spanish tapas and bread instead of healthy vegetable lasagna) etc.

But would I trade my munchkin in for such a wunderkind, I ask myself? Not bloody likely. She's mine and I love her to death.

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Vikki said...

It's so hard when you are not getting good sleep. We've been having some sleep issues with our youngest lately and it has really taken a toll on me. Yesterday, I sat at my desk at work and stared at my computer for about 8 hours. I got nothing done...but I listened to some nice music on my ipod :)

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