I <3 Waitrose


Yet another trip to England has sadly flown by and yet another hour of frustration as we swept ourselves through the local super-Waitrose.

My aunt looked at me incredulously and said: "Surely, the supermarkets in Belgium stock all that wonderful food; I don't understand the problem?".

How can I explain that the local Delhaize does not have Cape Cod cranberries dusted with cinnamon, a Monsooned Malabar Coffee, Sage Derby cheese, Cornish clotted cream, nice pucey stalks of rhubarb, Gü chocolate banoffee pies, etc.

I herewith hang my head and confess to being a food junkie. So handcuff me and take me back to Belgium, where foodgasms are hard to be had and few and far between.

Waitrose, I am thy humble worshiper. Now when will you answer my prayers and open a branch in Antwerp?

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Bun said...

Glad you had a good time! I always imagine Belgium having very good food, so it's kinda curious to imagine you doing such a big Waitrose shop! When my mum crosses the Channel from Kent on a day trip she comes back loaded to the rafters from the French supermarket.

Mmmm, that Monsoon coffee is very nice, and better than all the other coffees I've had from other big supermarkets (incl M&S).

Fresco said...

Waitrose turnover gone up 10% last weekend. I wonder why...

freedomgirl said...

I wouldn't say I'm terribly impressed with the British food -- better groceries in the US! France wins overall, though...

Lula de Montes said...

@freedomgirl: well, we would all like a Dean&DeLuca. Alas, the reality is we don't have that over here. My post is about craving traditional foods that I can't find in a Belgian supermarket. Call it nostalgia. We do have some of the finest chefs worldwide over here, so I am not complaining too much.

@Fresco: I swear that I didn't max out my credit card. I do.

@Bun: my uncle does exactly the same.

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